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Ullrich wins Coast case in German court

Jan Ullrich has definitively closed the "Team Coast" chapter. As The Oberlandesgericht Hamm, the final court instance, has dismissed the claim for compensation from former team-owner Günter Dahms (RSM cycling, Service and Marketing GmbH) for whom Ullrich rode after his comeback in 2003.

The leader of the long Coast team wanted Ullrich to pay back 300,000 euros which the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf had ordered Dahms to pay in 2008, claiming that it was part of Ullrich’s contract. "The ruling can no longer be changed," Ullrich's lawyer Dr. Peter Gellner (Berlin) told

Dahms wanted to reclaim money from sponsors, an amount that had now grown to more than 700,000 euros including interest. He felt betrayed by Ullrich after the Tour winner from 1997 revealed his doping past. However, Dahms' lawsuit was already rejected at first instance by the District Court Essen on the grounds that Ullrich would not be liable for damages.

The Oberlandesgericht Hamm agreed. "I am very glad that this chapter is finally over," Ullrich told

Ullrich's adviser Ole Ternes added: "This is an important step for Jan Ullrich's reputation in the public on which we are working with some success.”